KYC at 1xbet

The “Know Your Customer” (KYC) policy exists to aid in fighting against money laundering and other fraud possibilities. Verification of credentials will be done online, with customers being informed at the time of sign-up and through the non-transactional sections of the website. If such tools are proved insufficient under current verification standard, the 1xBet team would ask for ID and documents. The platform has some terms and conditions that every user must know:

  1. Customers must bring a valid document with a photograph when confirming their identity. This comprises any form of driving license, ID card, travel document, or such other documents as may be specified by or under the authority of the Minister of Finance of Curaçao. The residential address of the customer can be verified through a recent utility bill, bank statement, reference letter from a bank or other financial institution, official government correspondence, or any other document issued by an independent agency. Verification of the customer’s phone number is also a mandatory step in the process.
  2. Sometimes, 1xBet can ask for additional evidence, such as proof of funds, that the money being wagered is the actual property of a player on the site.
  3. If a player has made a specific number of deposits or withdrawals or if 1xBet team suspect that something strange is taking place, they may demand the above documentation.
  4. The company also monitors betting patterns to identify potential rule violations. In case of a doubt, the 1xBet would contact the provider so that it could review those bets.
  5. The verification of the identity document should establish the name, photograph, date of birth, and nationality of the player on the identity card. All the information must correspond exactly with the details provided on the profile and the document is current and valid.
  6. 1xBet team verifies the document for any kind of edits and may also ask for a selfie with the ID to verify that the document does indeed belong to the same person in your system. 
  7. In case of any doubt about the authenticity of the document, 1xBet can send it to dedicated anti-fraud department for verification.
  8. Should there be any indications of suspicious transactions, such as deposits from questionable sources or transactions that exhibit characteristics of fraud, including chargebacks or payment cancellations, the company reserves the right to initiate an internal investigation. This may involve freezing the customer’s account, halting transactions, and suspending account operations until all requested information is provided, and the investigation is concluded.
  9. The company can request the customer to provide them more information when the method of withdrawals differs from that of deposits. It can also withhold the account of a customer when he/she refuses to give them the required details for investigation.
  10. During such investigations, the company has the authority to request further documentation to confirm the customer’s identity, the legality, and the origin of the funds, including the right to request original documents.
  11. Customers from areas deemed high-risk will be subject to thorough scrutiny by the company.
  12. By taking such action as refusing or delaying transactions that are, in all respects, suspicious or suspected, including blocking or closing a customer’s account, no company is relieved of the discharge of its obligations to that customer.

By adhering to these protocols, users contribute to a safe, transparent, and responsible gaming ecosystem. Remember, compliance with KYC is not just about following rules; it’s about building trust and ensuring the integrity of all transactions on the platform.